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The Counsellor

“Ask the Experts”

The Counsellor is your one-stop solution for all your Professional & Consulting needs. Our Organisation includes a vast network of professionals who are leading experts in their respective fields and offer variety of services and guidance to help you both start a new venture or to take your business to the next level!

“At The Counsellor we are determined to provide
 Confidential, Trustworthy and Reliable Solutions

Business & Consulting

Need some help in starting your new venture or just some support for your rapidly growing business? We’ll do it all by bringing on board the best team of professionals for you!
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I object!
That is what we have to say for bad legal advice. Get the Legal Advice you deserve and be carefree from any future lawsuits or frauds.

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Are the approaching Tax deadlines haunting you? Confused about your Tax Liabilities or just want someone to file your returns? Our Tax Guru’s will help you plan and manage your taxes economically and efficiently.

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Don’t let complicated accounting procedures distract you from your business goals! Let our team of experts take care of all your basic and crucial accounting needs.

Information Technology(IT)

Planning your first E-venture or want to build an amazing website for your business but don’t know where to start? Let our experts map out the way to provide your business with a strong technological backing.
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Certification & Compliance

Certifications and Compliances can be a tricky job, no matter the type. That is why we provide you with a team that can get your job done quickly and properly without any errors.
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Its Complicated

We believe that sometimes a unique problem may put you in a dilemma!
If something like this is troubling you, don’t waste your time!
Let The Counsellor Help You, by coming up with a tailor made solution.
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Our Process
It’s never been easier!