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About Us

The Counsellor.

The Counsellor began in 2015, when our Founder realized the rapidly emerging needs of business owners in different industries regarding issues ranging anywhere from taxation to website development to business consultation. The Counsellor is the solution to the discomfort and dissatisfaction faced by both existing and upcoming business owners when it comes to finding trust worthy and flexible business service providers.

The founder of our organization himself being a business owner and entrepreneur had gone through the same disappointment himself. Hence he decided to do something to end both his and other business owner’s dilemma! Another issue The Counsellor addresses is the lack of expertise, loyalty, and dedication that your business deserves yet many service providers lack.


The Counsellor

We understand that certain business matters can be difficult to understand or execute, but at the same time they may play a crucial role in your business’s performance. This is why our team uses a customer centric approach and provides maximum customization according to our client’s needs, background, time frames and budget.

The best part about The Counsellor is that we won’t let you leave disappointed. Even if there is no existing solution to your problem, we will help you discover one, as if the problem is our own.


Dhruv Dutt

Dhruv Dutt

Founder, The Counsellor

“Life is about making an impact, not just an income”